November 9, 2019 the Idaho Society Color Guard participated in the US Flag Retirement Ceremony with Eagle American Legion Post 127,  and also attended the pancake breakfast at the Eagle Senior Center. (Lt to Rt) James McClain, JD Poss, James Wellman










July 4, 2019 (Lt-Rt) Compatriots JD Poss, Dr. Jim Wellman, and Jim McClain participated in the Meridian, ID Neighborhood Independence Day Parade.








Lt-Rt JD Poss, Raymond DeMeyer, Jim Wellman



On June 3, 2019 Raymond DeMeyer of DeMeyer Furniture was presented with the  SAR Flag Certificate by Compatriots J. D. Poss and Jim Wellman for flying the American flag daily  at his place of business.





Lt-Rt: Dr. Gary Pettett, Rolland Crosby, JD Poss, Ellis Rail




Dr. Gary Pettett, SAR Trustee for Idaho presents Compatriot Rolland Crosby his credentials for the 2019 NSSAR Convention.







Cadet Mitchell Ormsby received the Idaho State Society Medal for outstanding Cadet. Cadet Ormsby also received the Teton Chapter Silver ROTC Medal.  He is to be commissioned May 1, 2019, as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. He will serve in the Medical Corp as an Army Nurse.






Cadet Hunter Williams received the Teton Chapter Bronze ROTC Medal.  He is to be commissioned May 1, 2019, as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. He will serve as an infantry officer.










In commemoration of George Washington’s 287th birthday, members of the Pioneer Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and Ft. Boise Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution placed a wreath at the statue of George Washington in the Idaho State Capital.


Mark Dukes of High Desert Harley-Davidson in Boise, Idaho was presented with the SAR Flag Certificate by Compatriots Frank Ilett and J. D. Poss on 21 December 2018. He flies the American flag daily at his place of business.




Jim Karlstrand of the SAR Spokane #1 Chapter attended the Kellogg High School U.S. Marine Corps JROTC Awards Ceremony on May 18th where he, on behalf of the Spokane #1 Chapter, presented the Bronze ROTC Medal w/Bronze Wreath to Major Craig Petersen’s Outstanding Cadet, Joseph Gibbs. Compatriot Karlstrand then, on behalf of the Idaho Society, SAR, presented Cadet Gibbs with the Bronze ROTC Medal w/Silver Wreath.






Secretary Matt Brechwald attended the Kuna Air Force JROTC Awards Ceremony where he presented the ROTC Bronze Medal to LTC Timmerman’s Outstanding Cadet, Megan Pheil.